Members of the Aleksander Brückner Center

The members of the Aleksander-Brückner-Centre are mainly academics working at the universities of Halle, Jena and Leipzig as well as at research institutes in the region. From the perspective of different disciplines, they deal with Polish studies topics in research and teaching. Members of other universities and research institutions are also invited to join the Centre as members. We see the members as active partners with whom joint projects in research and teaching are to be designed and realised. We want to bring together the professional diversity of the circle of members in a trans- and interdisciplinary discussion, which should be a characteristic of the Centre in the long term. Applications for membership can be sent informally to the Directorate.

Overview of the current members of the centre:

  • Dr. Agnieszka Gąsior, History of Art
    (Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum für Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas an der Universität Leipzig)
  • Prof. Dr. Helen Geyer, Musicology
    (Institut für Musikwissenschaft Weimar-Jena, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar)
  • Prof. Dr. Chris Hann, Social Anthropology
    (Max-Planck-Institut für ethnologische Forschung, Halle)