In 2015, the Aleksander-Brückner Center launched the book series Polen: Kultur - Geschichte - Gesellschaft / Poland: Culture - History - Society. After approximately one year, conference volumes are available online, monographies after two years.

Aleksander-Brückner Center book series published by Wallstein

Poland: Culture - History - Society / Polen: Kultur - Geschichte - Gesellschaft

About the series:

How can we nowadays conceptualize research on historical and present-day Poland? Inspired by recent developments in area studies, we understand Poland as a region that repeatedly constitutes itself anew, depending on historical, cultural, or political conditions. Thus, Poland can be understood as part of medieval Western Christianity, or as the early modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with its numerous ethnic groups, languages, and religious denominations. It can also be part of expanding empires, be found in the global diaspora, or currently as a member of the European Union.

The question as to what, when, and where Poland and all things Polish have been in the past and are today is closely connected with these multiple options of affiliation. It is our aim to transgress national paradigms and to think of Poland in the plural - in ethnic, religious, linguistic, social, and legal terms. The series strives to integrate methodological approaches and modes of thinking from a variety of disciplines in order to explore what exactly determines Polish society and culture(s) in each case. Special attention is paid to shifts in political rule, the redrawing of borders, and periods of migration. The reflection on, and integration of, alternative narrative categories such as class, gender, religion, and nation is also of importance to this end.

As a result of these considerations, the series geographically transcends the current territory of Poland - without any revisionist intentions. Thus, the contributions of the series are also devoted to those countries and people that are historically and presently closely connected with Poland and have developed their own research perspectives. We therefore aim at an international academic exchange and a multi-perspective investigation of Poland in its European and international entanglements.

To maintain a high standard, all texts are being peer-reviewed. An international and interdisciplinary editorial board will be established soon.

Volume 2

Dekonstruieren und doch erzählen. Polnische und andere Erzählungen, edited by: Jürgen Heyde, Karsten Holste, Dietlind Hüchtker, Yvonne Kleinmann, Katrin Steffen

Volume 1

Aleksander Brückner revisited. Debatten um Polen und Polentum in Geschichte und Gegenwart, edited by: Yvonne Kleinmann and Achim Rabus

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