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Jan-Patrick Zeller (Greifswald): Mixed lect? Ukrainian-Russian Suržyk from the perspective of variationist sociolinguistics and of a sociology of language

27.10., 18 Uhr (s.t.), in presence and online via Zoom

Forms of Ukrainian-Russian mixed speech are widespread in Ukraine. These are commonly called "Suržyk", a derogatory term that originally referred to inferior mixtures of different types of flour.

The lecture uses a few examples to show how different linguistic features vary in Suržyk. It will also be about how self-confessed speakers of Suržyk behave in relation to linguistic (political) attitudes.

Registration to attend the lecture online (via Zoom): irenaeus(dot)kulik(at)uni-jena(dot)de

Venue of lecture: Institut für Slawistik und Kaukasusstudien, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, Raum 301 (3. OG), 07743 Jena