Right-wing Populism in Central and Eastern Europe

Online lecture by Natasza Styczyńska (Cracow), 28/4, 18:00 (s.t.), via Zoom

Part of the lecture series "Rechtsruck in Europa. Die polnischen Perspektiven"

The lecture aims to map, describe and discuss the phenomenon of right-wing populism in Central and Eastern Europe. We will analyse the processes that are crucial to the formulation of populist politics (financial and migration crisis, Brexit, post-enlargement fatigue).

Special focus will be paid to the phenomena that are linked to populism such as Euroscepticism, anti-party movements and anti-European initiatives. Our main case studies will include right-wing populists in power (Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria) but also more radical arguments raised by anti-establishment movements in the region viewed from a comparative perspective.

Registration: johann(dot)wiede(at)uni-jena(dot)de