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Call for Papers: Constitutional History on Trial – Status Quo, Combined Methods and New Sources

Workshop am Historischen Kolleg München, 26.–28. Juni 2024

The aim of Constitutional History on Trial is to bring together scholars from various disciplines and discuss methods of constitutional history of modern and pre-modern times. The point of departure is a broad understanding of constitutions as the basic orders underlying communities. All contributions should include both theoretical and empirical aspects.

We invite abstracts in interdisciplinary legal and constitutional history from scholars at any stage of their careers. The conference language is English, though the revised contributions of the workshop will be published in German in the book series of the Historisches Kolleg . Please send your proposal of approximately 400 words to Yvonne Kleinmann and Franziska Nicolay-Fischbach by 31 January 2024. We will contact the selected participants with further details by mid-February 2024.

If necessary, limited funds are available for travel and accommodation.

Contact: Yvonne Kleinmann & Franziska Nicolay-Fischbach.

Full version of the call.

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